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The Utah Educational Data Gateway (UTREX) is a resource provided by the Utah State Board of Education that allows school personnel access to students’ educational data such as:

  • State Student Identification Number (SSID)
  • Enrollment dates
  • Schools attended
  • Last grade completed
  • Identifying Last, First or Middle name

Access to UTREX is especially beneficial for the attendance or registrar’s office.  It is recommended that a student is looked up on the UTREX site before entering student information in Skyward to verify the student’s last school of attendance, the last grade of completion, and legal name.

It is important to remember that the UTREX student information is data which needs to be kept private, and to follow all federal, state and FERPA laws to maintain student privacy and security. Student information found on UTREX should not be unnecessarily shared with other employees or the public.


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