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Proof of Residency, Household and Address

In order for students to enroll in Jordan School District, state law requires that parents or guardians provide evidence to establish residency (Utah Code §53G-6-302-306). The Utah State Board of Education provides school districts with a “Proof of Residency Model Procedures” form (see “Resources”) which identifies the documents allowed to establish residency. All student enrollments and address changes require proof of residency, including students who move “mid-year” or addresses changed online.

The student's primary address (Family #1) is where the student resides. The primary address is standardized using the Salt Lake County addressing system, and shall be entered in Skyward exactly as it is recorded with the county. “WebQuery” on the Planning and Student Services website (Boundaries and Bus Stops) at can assist you with validating an address.

There are three mandatory fields in the Skyward Student Family tab (and online registration) which require validation:

  • House number
  • Directional N, S, E or W (If a parent leaves the directional field blank, enter it for them.)
  • Abbreviated suffix after the street name,e.  CIR, DR, WY, etc.

Any student with an enrollment record, whether active or inactive (including “no-shows”), must have a Utah address.  An “out of state” address (if needed) may be added in the mailing address or as a second household. Under extenuating circumstances when the local address cannot be used, enter the school address. For the few situations that require a “confidential” address, Skyward has a street named “Confidential”.

An address should not be changed until a student has actually moved and is living at the new residence. Permits are required; even if only to finish out the school year.  For families building a home in the school boundary it is acceptable to do a “provisional” permit on the contingency that the home will be completed.

An address should be changed only when all the students in that household can be affected by the change. There are times when a student should be removed from a household, rather than editing the existing address. It may be necessary to verify with other schools whether or not all the siblings in the household are being affected by the address change.